The Witch of Whidbey Isle

In modern-day San Francisco, 26-year-old Andrea Amblyn’s life is beginning to unravel.

She receives the worst performance review of her short paralegal career and is teetering on losing her job. Her boyfriend is suddenly engaged to “an exciting and amazing” Australian archaeologist after “finding himself” on a trip to Bali. Now doubting the very foundations of her future, Andrea loses herself in the intrigue of a mysterious and macabre human scalp that her flamboyant, larger-than-life friend Reid bought at a local private auction. However, Reid is concerned about the provenance of the grisly high-ticket item. With Reid’s funding and encouragement, Andrea heads off to Whidbey Island to find out more about the legend of Ebey and his death.

On the island, she is enveloped in a whirlwind romance and at odds with a coven of witches bent on their own designs for the artifact. As she begins to lose every member of her support network, Andrea does all she can to end what she believes to be a witches’ curse set upon her and the land. Emotionally shattered, Andrea must find the strength to battle both the coven and this unseen force to save her love, her family, her sanity-and possibly her life.

About Nicole Henneman

Author of the Witch of Whidbey Isle and the Mack Morgan Mysteries, Nicole grew up on Whidbey Island in Washington State. 

It was island living that stoked her love of writing, adventure and the supernatural. There really is something magic in those old woods, and that wonder – merged with mysteries on the BBC and a love for fairytales and folklore – forged her distinct voice. 

A consummate late bloomer, her latest adventure is motherhood. Nicole lives in the Pacific Northwest with her young son.